Floor Plan – Explanation

The floor plan is approximate, giving only an indication of the general layout, position of the doors and windows and the proportion of the rooms. 

The 27 gas central heating radiators have not been included.

Walls are drawn as straight but in reality there are virtually no straight walls or right angles in the property.

Almost all of the walls are built of stone … external walls over 50 cms thick, internal 20 to 50 cms thick.

There are three stairways :

1)  The main 1.40m wide staircase which leads from the ground floor to the top of the building via various halls and landings. 

2)  An original stone set of steps leading off the main entrance hall down to the basement

3)  A staircase (added at the time of the renovation) leading from the back of the internal garage to the first floor independent apartment.

See more detailed information about the Dimensions.