Though located on the main Place (Square) of the village ‘La Maison du Faiencier’ has, very exceptionally, a courtyard, mature garden and swimming pool at the rear of the property.


The secluded walled garden of 363m² at the back of the property is laid to lawn and has three mature fruit trees – fig, apricot and cherry – as well as a mulberry tree, olive tree, wisteria and ivy covering all the walls.   

Leaving the house through the iron double doors, you step first of all into a courtyard which runs the full width of the building. This is intended for “al fresco” meals throughout the day and to facilitate this, there is, on one side of the courtyard, a window / serving hatch which opens directly into the kitchen.

There is an ‘out of sight’ laundry drying area in one corner of the garden.

The lawn is watered automatically in the early hours of each morning by a mini-computer sprinkler system.

Swimming pool

The pool is 7 meters long, 3 meters wide (internal dimensions) and 1.5 meters deep. It’s size and shape were chosen to complement the size and shape of the garden. It is cement built and chlorine cleaned with a ‘control technique’ hut in the laundry drying area.

There is a bespoke beige coloured pool cover which, during the winter months, protects from frost and from dropping leaves which contaminate the water.